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Project work plan

In order to achieve the ambitious goals of R2R Biofluidics a detailed work package (WP) and task structure has been designed. For all administrative and general management issues a supporting WP1 Management will be led by BioNanoNet responsible for administrative project management in close cooperation with the R2R Biofluidics coordinator JR and supported by all members of the consortium.

WP structure and main partners involved in R2R project


The technical work packages are arranged according to the materials and process development as well as intended manufacturing workflow. WP2 will be dedicated to simulate and design structures for imprinting processes and finally demonstrator fabrication which will be achieved in several iteration cycles based on the results from experimental process and application development. The main output will be designs and drawings to be used for mastering and fabrication of imprinting tools in the following WPs. Development, optimization and scale-up of the necessary multifunctional materials for nanoimprinting will be carried out in WP3. This will on the one hand deliver information on specifications and design rules to WP2 and on the other hand actual materials to be used in the R&D and industrial R2R pilot line. WP4 will be dedicated to the development of the whole process of R2R-NIL manufacturing including mastering, shim fabrication and process development for R2R-NIL structuring of all designs and layouts necessary for demonstrator fabrication. Its main output will be patterned polymer foils prepared on the R&D pilot line suitable for further functionalization and subsequent development and first testing of the demonstrators. Surface functionalization and the development of the respective materials and processes will be located within WP5. Its main output will be fully biofunctional and structured foils ready to fabricate test samples of the two demonstrators. WP6 will be dedicated to the design, manufacturing, and operation of an industrial R2R pilot line. All the imprinting processes developed within WP 4 will be transferred to this line in order to demonstrate R2R structuring of the demonstrator devices in industrial environment. Its output will be structured polymer foils for fabrication and finally testing and validating the functional demonstrators. WPs 7 and 8 deal with the development and industrial fabrication and assembly of DEMs 1 and 2, respectively and the actual application development, testing and validation. Finally WP9 (Dissemination and Exploitation) will support the whole project with all dissemination issues, bundle the activities relates to safety assessment and most importantly will create a comprehensive and targeted roadmap for commercial exploitation of the projects results.


WP structure, main partners involved and interlinks in R2R Biofluidics

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